Champagne Floozy: [sham-PEYN FLOO-zee], noun: 1. A woman of the early days of Champagne, before her time, who decided it was ok for women to partake in the drinking of Champagne. 2. A lifelong foodie turned wine industry professional based in Durham, NC.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ciao il Gatto Ubriaco, Bonjour Champagne Floozy

Sunset in Colchagua Valley, Chile
     I've let this blog fall by the way side, mostly because I thought no one was reading - that and plain old laziness. Also, its been a busy year.  Then someone I never expected to even know it existed, asked, "Why did you stop writing your blog?"
     So I'm gonna get it up and going again, new and improved and re-named. The new name comes from a handle I had adopted on an internet forum where I talk (and argue relentlessly) about wine. It was an expression that popped into my head one day (anyone who knows me will understand why I chose it), and after a google search to see if anyone else had claimed the moniker (they hadn't), I found this on a random travel blog, describing a visit to Champagne, France:

"Some of the walls have carvings depicting the monks of the early champagne days as well as one of the "Champagne Floozy", a lady before her time who decided it was OK for ladies to join in with the drinking of this fine champagne."

     So, of course, now I like the title even more. So, if you are reading this, thanks for doing so. I welcome comments, feedback, arguments, love letters, gifts, chain mail, hate mail, fan mail, jokes, and free booze, preferably champagne.
     I've got plenty to tell you about, obviously. This past year I have worked my ass off, drank some great wine, spit out some insipid crap so you didn't have to, and busted the cherry on my passport.
     I also fell in love.

     I've got some big things planned for this year, and for the years to come. So stay tuned.