Champagne Floozy: [sham-PEYN FLOO-zee], noun: 1. A woman of the early days of Champagne, before her time, who decided it was ok for women to partake in the drinking of Champagne. 2. A lifelong foodie turned wine industry professional based in Durham, NC.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This is Hazel, Sam Cooke wrote a song about her called "Lovable." (or at least that's what I tell her.)

Hazel enjoys group snuggling, putting her paws on things, sleeping in windowsills, and long walks on the beach. Turn-offs include cigarette smoke and large crowds of strangers.

If Hazel has a choice, she would be Bigsy's cat. She loves to stick her nose in his armpit. She loves him so much.

This is Koko. He also goes by Kokes, Shimmy, Sir  Kokesalot, Choh-Choh, Choche, and "Hey, you cat stop fucking biting me!"

Koko enjoys the company of ladies, hanging out with everyone on the porch, being the official pretty-girl- walking-down-the-sidewalk greeter, and waking me up to force me into snuggling at 5:30 am.

Koko loves me best. The rest of you are fresh meat.

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